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Find the Perfect Fit




I want to feel GREAT on my bike

Guessing at your position on the bike results in wasted energy and increased risk of injury while cycling. A bike fit will position you to maximize speed, comfort and efficiency. It’s a fit designed for you, your body and your goals. Road, TT, MTB, Gravel bike fits available.


I'm in the market for new bike. What size should I get?

Before mistakenly spending thousands of dollars on a sweet new bike that is too big for you, get a pre-bike fit with the Serotta Size Cycle to ensure you purchase the correct sized frame true to your body.



Let me come to you

Make sure you can push the pedals with power so you can impress your favorite instructor and increase the watts!


Let me come to you

This ultra adjustable trainer bike allows for a seriously custom fit.  Make the most of your indoor riding and drop your virtual riding buddies!

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Let me bring the party to you!

Have a club/team interested in bike fits? I will come to you and have a bike fit party for 5+ people. Time to celebrate the future wins!



Why Choose Me?

My bike fit allows you to find the most effective alignment between your body and bicycle. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a bike fitter, I will help you maximize your efficiency and improve your comfort to propel you toward your cycling goals.

Objectives for Bike Fit by Dr. Julia Salvador, PT, DPT:

  1. Decrease pain and strain while riding

  2. Increase speed and optimize muscular efficiency

  3. Improve recovery time

  4. Prescribe interventions off the bike to accelerate performance on the bike

  5. Give back to the cycling community with an affordable price for a service that is integral for every cyclist



Loved my bike fitting experience with Dr. Julia! Dr.Julia immediately made me feel comfortable and very much apart of the process of getting dialed in. She explained everything she was doing and also gave me some great recommendations according to my activity on the bike and body structure. Thanks to Dr. Julia my fit is absolutely amazing!!! Nothing but PR’s and watt increase on all my previous segments without any extra effort! and I’m totally comfortable on the bike. Do yourself a favor and see Julia ASAP.

Adriel Cotton


Julia did a great job getting me fit to my new ride!! Very thorough and clearly an expert, she tweaked things I didn't know you could tweak to find the perfect position for me. Thank you so much, Julia!!!

Victoria Hargrove


If you are a commuter or a seasoned racer, or casual rider like me; you might want to ride with a lesser effort.

Get your bike fitting with Dr. Julia Salvador. After having mine done, I know I’ll be more efficient with an increase in power transfer on the pedals and comfort in the saddle, no pressure on my arms, back, and neck. Bike fitting with Dr. Julia is surely worth it. I am excited to ride my very first century ride in September! Thank You Bike Fit PT and special shout out to Steve; you guys are a perfect combination!

Alex Arguelles


Took my high maintenance bike to Julia because it was “killing me” to ride- LOL. She did her magic which had some adjustments leaning towards extreme! A lot of adjustments were due to the frame being too big for me. but she got it very close! and not Only can I enjoy the ride but enjoy putting in some long miles too! She and her husband are very knowledgeable, personal, and fabulous. Yes I highly recommend! Very nice experience:).

Talitha Meyer

Jen Barlow.HEIC

Why did it take me so long to have a bike fit? Well the human body is amazing in how it can adapt to things, and here I have been riding the wrong size bike for years and thinking I was doing just fine, as I matter of fact I was hesitant to make any changes. But a few little issues I've had lately, plus Julia telling me I would be more efficient and have more power in my new position, had me saying "let's do this!" to her!. She, Steve, and little Steven were great. Change can be hard for anxious types like myself but I'm looking forward to see what this does and how I feel on my bike!

Jennifer Barlow


excellent service. Got professionally fitted on my triathlon bike which I have never done before.... the bike was already comfortable to ride but I knew my power was being limited due to the fit that I’ve done myself... Julia made the right adjustments (huge saddle height adjustment among others) and not only am I comfortable, I’m able to put out more power with the same effort... I was the most surprised on how she dialed in my cleat position super fast... I came in with brand new shoes and the cleat position is spot on which she configured ridiculously fast compared to how long I take lol...
All in all... the fit and the overall experience was great.
Glad I get to look even “sexier” on the bike now

Nate Frias



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115B Klamath Ct, American Canyon, CA 94503

AM + PM Appts Sunday-Tuesday 

PM Appts Saturday



Dr. Julia Salvador, PT, DPT

Dr. Julia Salvador received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2014 from the University of Michigan and is currently practicing in Northern California. Julia has a drive for continued learning, specifically surrounding cycling and bike fitting. She has a heart to serve and support her community. She received her bike fit certification in 2020 through Erik Moen, Bike PT, owner of Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Seattle, Washington.

Road cycling is Julia’s primary passion, as well as hosting and participating in Time Trial events. She is a 2x Death Ride finisher and has completed the Davis Double Century. Her racing career has resulted in 1st place and podium finishes, a favorite being the Mount Diablo Challenge. The pool is Julia’s first and longest lasting love. Since childhood, she has been swimming competitively and is currently racing with Cal Maritime Academy Masters swim team. Running has carried Julia over international waters from Australia, Michigan and New York to our local Napa Valley marathon. Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons allowed Julia to once again snag her 1st place and podium finishes, and her triathlon experience culminated in the St. George Ironman 70.3.

Julia‘s physical therapy background provides a seasoned expertise in human anatomy, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal physiology. Her athletic background offers a depth of knowledge surrounding cycling and the evolving athletic experience. Julia is uniquely qualified to provide her clients with a professional bike fit that will pave the way toward their athletic goals. 

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